Rose - Rosa

Once planted roses will take a couple of years to get established.

The RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM) for roses includes over 300 varieties.

Most bare root and container grown roses are grafted onto a rootstock. When planting bare-root roses, the graft joint should be a couple of inches (5cm) below the soil level. Keep them well watered and mulched.

If you are planting a rose where one has previously grown, it's worth replacing some of the soil in the planting hole, to reduce replant disease.

Million of roses are now grown in Ecuador. Dark red is the prefered colour of cut roses in Europe, whilst North Americas prefer a pinker red.

Traditionally roses are underplanted with campanulas and salvias, which can reduce mildew infection.

Cultivars and varieties:

Rosa 'Abraham Darby'

Rosa 'Agatha Christie' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Alberic Barbier' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Albertine' (Rambling rose) - Salmon coloured flowers. Prone to mildew

Rosa 'Alchymist'

Rosa 'All Gold'

Rosa 'Aloha' - A fairly old variety that is as happy climbing on an obelisk, pillar on a wall or as free-standing shrub rose. Mid-pink, classic shaped rose flower. Grows up to 6ft/2m.

Rosa 'Amber Queen' (Floribunda) - Scented. Long flowering season.

Rosa 'Anne Cocker' (Rose Flor.) - Rose Flor.

Rosa 'Antique' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Auguste Gervais' (Rambling rose) - Pale pink flowers

Rosa 'Ausbord' (English shrub rose/Old fashioned rose) - Bright, mid-pink flowers and deeply fragranced.

Rosa 'Ausbreeze' (English shrub rose) - A David Austin, repeat-flowering rose with medium-sized, pink flowers.

Rosa 'Auschar' - A repeat flowering, David Austin rose with pale apricot flowers.

Rosa 'Auscousin' - A David Austin rose. Red buds opening to a pinky-salmon colour.

Rosa 'Auscrowd' - Cerise, double flowers. David Austin describe this as one of the top 5 roses for fragrance.

Rosa 'Ausearnshaw' - Pale pink flowers opening to a full ruffled flower with a yellow tinted centre. According to David Austin Roses, this is one of the top 5 roses for fragrance.

Rosa 'Auseasel' ((S)) - A free-flowering, creamy, pale-yellow, David Austin rose that will tolerate shade but requires some sunlight to encourage flowering.

Rosa 'Aushouse' - Bright, deep-pink double flowers. According to David Austin Roses, this is one of the top 5 roses for fragrance.

Rosa 'Auskindling' (English shrub rose) - Pure white flowers.

Rosa 'Auskitchen' - A repeat-flowering shrub rose with rich, deep-pink flowers. Looks great in a large pot on the patio.

Rosa 'Ausmajesty' - A David Austin rose. Repeat flowering, baby pink flowers with a feint, pale yellow centre.

Rosa 'Ausmerchant' (English shrub rose) - Dark pink, cup-shaped flowers with a great fragrance.

Rosa 'Ausmixture' (English shrub rose) - A David Austin, repeat flowering rose with large, mid-pink flowers.

Rosa 'Ausnyson' - Large orangey pink flower. Free flowering and good disease resistance. From David Austin Roses.

Rosa 'Ausowlish' (English shrub rose) - Light, golden yellow flowers.

Rosa 'Auspike' (English shrub rose) - A David Austin rose with medium-sized, mid-pink flowers.

Rosa 'Ausquirk' - A repeat-flowering rose with small, white flowers.

Rosa 'Ausrapper' - A David Austin rose. Pure white flowers.

Rosa 'Ausraveloe' (English shrub rose) - A David Austin, repeat-flowering rose with medium-sized, mid-pink flowers with a good fragrance.

Rosa 'Ausrumba' (English shrub rose) - A David Austin, repeat-flowering rose with medium-sized, light pink flowers with a strong fragrance.

Rosa 'Austiger' (Repeat flowering) - A beautiful, pale pink, cup-shaped flower.

Rosa 'Auswinston' - A David Austin rose with cerise flowers.

Rosa 'Avon' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Ballerina' (Weeping standard rose) - Grown as a standard rose, covered in a mass of small white flowers with blush pink to the ends of the petals, yellow stamens. Flowers through december

Rosa 'Bantry Bay' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Belle Hit' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Berkshire' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Betty Prior'

Rosa 'Birthday Girl' (Floribunda)

Rosa 'Blairii No. 2'

Rosa 'Blanche Double de Coubert' [AGM] (Rugosa rose) - A vigourous, medium sized, old fashioned rose. Large, semi-double white flowers.

Rosa 'Blessing' - Cluster flowered bush. Pink flowers from summer through to autumn

Rosa 'Blush Noisette' - Pale pink flowers.

Rosa 'Bobbie James' (Rambling rose) - Rambler rose

Rosa 'Bonica' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Breath of Life' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Bright Smile' (Floribunda)

Rosa 'Buff Beauty' [AGM] (HM) - Pale apricot-gold coloured flowers.

Rosa 'Burgundy Ice' - Introduced in 2005. Burgundy flowers from early summer through to winter. Disease resistant.

Rosa 'Buttercup' - Semi-double yellow flower. Maximum height of 3ft (90cm). Disease resistant. Available from David Austin Roses

Rosa 'Cardinal Richeleau' - Old fashioned English rose

Rosa 'Chapeau de Napoleon'

Rosa 'Charles Darwin' - Custard yellow flowers. According to David Austin Roses, this is one of the top 5 roses for fragrance.

Rosa 'Charles de Mills'

Rosa 'Chilterns' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'City Lights' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'City of Birmingham' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Claire Austin' (Climbing rose) - Pure white flowers. According to David Austin Roses, this is one of the top 5 roses for fragrance.

Rosa 'Clarence House' - Pale yellow flowers from mid-summer. A climbing rose.

Rosa 'Climbing Iceberg' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Comte de Chambord' (Edwardian rose) - Pink flowers

Rosa 'Constance Spry' (Climbing rose) - Deeply perfumed flowers from the start of June.

Rosa 'Cornelia' (Shrub rose) - Pale pink flowers until mid to late November

Rosa 'Cottage Rose' - An old-fashioned type rose with bushy habit and mid-pink flowers. Flowers all summer. Bred by David Austin.

Rosa 'Cuisse de Nymphe'

Rosa 'Danse du Feu' (Climbing rose) - Scarlet coloured flowers

Rosa 'Deep Secret'

Rosa 'Diamond' - Patio rose

Rosa 'Dr Herbert Gray' - Pink flowered, dwarf rose from David Austin Roses

Rosa 'Duc de Guiche' (Old fashioned rose) - An old fashioned French rose, lots of red petals and good scent, 5-6 weeks of flowering.

Rosa 'Dunwich Rose' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Elmshorn' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Ena Harkness' - Climbing rose

Rosa 'English Garden' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'English Mist'

Rosa 'Essex' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Fancy Hit' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Felicia' - Old rose flowers until mid to late November

Rosa 'Ferdinand Pichard' [AGM] (Shrub rose) - Repeat flowering, bush rose growing to 4ft/1.2m. Mauve flowers with white stripes

Rosa 'Ferdy' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'First Love' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Flower Carpet' (Shrub rose) - patio rose, apricot to salmon in colour

Rosa 'Flower Power' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Frau Dagmar Hartopp' (Shrub rose) - Hybrid of Rosa rugosa

Rosa 'Fred Loads' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Freedon' (Hybrid Tea) - A good cut rose and good resistance to rain damage.

Rosa 'Fritz Nobis' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup' (Shrub rose) - Hybrid of Rosa rugosa

Rosa 'Fruhlingsgold' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Fruhlingsmorgen' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'General Kleber' (Moss rose)

Rosa 'Gentle Touch' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Gloire de Dijon' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Golden Dawn'

Rosa 'Golden Embelm'

Rosa 'Golden Showers' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Golden Wings' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Graham Thomas' - Rounded flowers

Rosa 'Grandmere Jenny'

Rosa 'Great Maiden's Blush'

Rosa 'Grouse' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Guinee' - climbing deep burgundy flower with lovely fragrance.

Rosa 'Hampshire' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Handel' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Hannah Gordon' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Hansa' (Rugosa rose) - Double, pinkish-purple flowers

Rosa 'Harquill' [AGM] ((C1HT)) - Small clusters of white, semi-double flowers.

Rosa 'Henri Martin' (Moss rose)

Rosa 'Hertfordshire' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Hot Chocolate' - Mid-orangey brown, peony-shaped flowers. Small shrub, ideal for containers and patio planters.

Rosa 'Iceberg' [AGM] (Floribunda) - A very popular and well known Floribunda (lots of clusters of flowers) rose. Pale pink flower buds opening to medium-sized, white flowers with repeat flowering continuing through to December. Grows to 4ft (1.2m). It can be susceptible to disease.

Rosa 'Ingrid Bergman' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Ispahan' (Old fashioned rose) - Bright pink flowers

Rosa 'Joie de Vivre' - Fragrant, pale-pink flowers. Rose of the year 2011. Good disease resistance. Compact growth, good for container or small garden.

Rosa 'Just Joey'

Rosa 'Keepsake' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Kiftsgate' - A very vigorous rambling climber. Large sprays of off-white flowers, with bright red hips in the Autumn.

Rosa 'Königin von Dänemark' [AGM] - Pale grey-green foliage. Old-fashioned type of rose. Quartered, mid-pink flowers at the height of summer, fading to pale pink as they age.

Rosa 'Korresia' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'L.D. Braithwaite'

Rosa 'Lady Belper'

Rosa 'Little Bo-Peep' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Little Buckaroo' (Minature rose)

Rosa 'Louise Odier' (Bourbon rose) - Bright pink double flower

Rosa 'Lovers Meeting' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Macmillan Nurse' (Shrub rose) - Fragrant, double creamy-white flowers

Rosa 'Madame Alfred Carrière' [AGM] - A pale cream flowered, climbing rose with a good fragrance.

Rosa 'Madame de la Roche-lambert' - An old moss rose, moss looking growth on the stems, deep magenta flowers, rubbing the flower buds give a scent of pine.

Rosa 'Madame Grégoire Staechelin'

Rosa 'Madame Hardy' [AGM] (Damask rose) - White flowers with a green centre.

Rosa 'Madame Isaac Pereire' - Large deep-pink/mauve flowers, throughout the summer. Free standing shrub rose 4-5ft or small climber, strong fragrance. From Peter Beale Roses.

Rosa 'Madame Louis Leveque' - moss rose with pale pink, double flowers.

Rosa 'Magic Carrousel' (Minature rose)

Rosa 'Maigold' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Malaga' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Mandarin' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Margaret Greville' - A free-flowering rose with tight pale pink buds, opening to semi-double salmon pink flowers. Grows to 4ft and will tolerate poor soil. From Peter Beales roses

Rosa 'Marie-Boisselot'

Rosa 'Mary Pope' (Bush rose) - Rounded flower. Rose H.T.

Rosa 'Mary Rose' - Rounded flower

Rosa 'Melody Maker' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Miss Dior' - Light pink. Plant growers - Harkness

Rosa 'Moonbeam'

Rosa 'Moonlight' - White flowers

Rosa 'Mountbatten' (Floribunda) - Large yellow flowers. Bushy plant.

Rosa 'Mr. Bluebird' (Minature rose)

Rosa 'Munstead Wood' - Grows well on light, sandy soil. Purple flowers.

Rosa 'Neige d'Avril' - Edwardian rose. White flowers

Rosa 'Nevada'

Rosa 'New Dawn' (Rambling rose) - Pink

Rosa 'New Fashion' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Nozomi' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Nuits de Young' - Dark red flowers, flowers in July.

Rosa 'Orange Sensation' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Orange Sunblaze' (Minature rose) - Height to 1ft

Rosa 'Paul Shirville' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Paul Transon' - French rose, orange-pink, vigorous rambler with a long flowering period.

Rosa 'Paulii' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Paul's Himalayan Musk' - An old-fashion, climbing and rambling rose. They have pale pink flowers with a good fragrance.

Rosa 'Paul's Scarlet' - Climbing rose. Clusters of red flowers.

Rosa 'Pax' - Old rose

Rosa 'Peace Rose' - Large yellow flowers

Rosa 'Pearl Drift' - 1m (3ft) semi-double pink flowers from summer through to autumn. Prune after flowering or early spring.

Rosa 'Peek-a-Boo' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Penelope' (Shrub rose) - Flowers until mid to late November

Rosa 'Penny Lane' - Climber, repeat-flowering good scent. Plant growers - Harkness

Rosa 'Peotical Liz' - A new cultivar that is as happy climbing on an obelisk, pillar on a wall or as free-standing shrub rose. Full, double pale-yellow flowers when they first open, aging to a more open flower head with a lovely fragrance. Grows up to 6ft/2m.

Rosa 'Pheasant' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Phylis Rose'

Rosa 'Piccadilly' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Pink and White Patio' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Pink Perpetue'

Rosa 'Pink Wave' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Polar Star' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Pompon de Bourgogne' - Small flowers

Rosa 'Pour Toi' (Minature rose)

Rosa 'Pride of England' - Rose of the English Football Association

Rosa 'Prince William'

Rosa 'Princess Alexandra'

Rosa 'Princess Alice' (Floribunda)

Rosa 'Prosperity'

Rosa 'Pure Bliss'

Rosa 'Pure Hit' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Purple Tiger'

Rosa 'Queen Mother' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Rambling Rector' - Lots of smaller sized, white flowers. A vigorous climbing, rambling rose.

Rosa 'Raymond Blanc' - Pink flowered. Introduced in 2005

Rosa 'Rebecca Claire' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Red Bells' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Red Blanket' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Red Max Graf' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Redgold' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Regensberg' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Robert le Diable'

Rosa 'Rose Gaujard' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Roseraie de l'hay' [AGM] (Rugosa rose) - Vigorous, medium sized shrub with pinkish-purple flowers

Rosa 'Royal Gold' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Royal Salute' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Royal William' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Ruby Wedding' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Sander's White Rambler' [AGM] - Fully-double, white flowers in late-summer. A vigourous climer.

Rosa 'Scarlet Fire' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Scarlet Patio' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Schoolgirl' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Sea Pearl' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Shocking Blue'

Rosa 'Smarty' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Soleil d'Or'

Rosa 'Southampton' (Floribunda) - Scented, good as a cut flower.

Rosa 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'

Rosa 'Souvenir du Docteur Jamain'

Rosa 'Souvenir du St. Anne's'

Rosa 'St Nicholas' - Rich, pink flowers

Rosa 'Suffolk' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'Summer Wine' (Climbing rose)

Rosa 'Summertime' - Patio climber. Pale yellow flowers. June through to November, grows to 6ft - disease free.

Rosa 'Sun Hit' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Super Star' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Susan'

Rosa 'Sutter's Gold'

Rosa 'Tan97159' (Hybrid tea) - Salmon pink flowers. Presented to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at the 2005 Gardener's World Live event.

Rosa 'Teasing Georgia' - Pale creamy yellow flowers

Rosa 'The Fairy' (Shrub rose) - Small pink flowers

Rosa 'The Garland'

Rosa 'The Queen of Denmark' [AGM]

Rosa 'The Times Rose' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Tip Top' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Top Marks' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Toynbee Hall' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Troika' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Trumpeter' (Rose Flor.)

Rosa 'Tuscany'

Rosa 'Tuscany Superb' - A seedling or sport of Tuscany, but is more vigourous with larger flowers which have maroon/deep red, frilly petals with yellow centres. A tough gallica rose that doesn't seem to mind being neglected. One of the top ten best roses.

Rosa 'Tynwald' (Rose H.T.)

Rosa 'Valiant Prince'

Rosa 'Variegata di Bolagna' - White flowers with pink splashes. Grows to 5ft/1.5m. Non-repeat flowering, large fragrant flowers.

Rosa 'Violet Hit' (Minature patio rose)

Rosa 'Warm Welcome'

Rosa 'Westerland' (Shrub rose)

Rosa 'William Lobb' [AGM] (CEMO) - Centifolia, French moss rose. Large clusters of deep crimson flowers fading to pale purple. 8ft high, 5ft wide.

Rosa 'William Morris' - From David Austin Roses

Rosa 'Windrush' - Open white/cream flowers growing to 4ft/1.2m. From David Austin

Rosa 'Zéphirine Drouhin' (Bourbon rose)

Rosa alba 'Maiden's Blush' (Shrub rose) - Pale pink flowers. A vigorous growing climber.

Rosa alba 'Maxima'

Rosa centifolia 'De Meaux' (Shrub rose)

Rosa centifolia 'Fantin Latour' (Shrub rose)

Rosa chinensis 'Cecile Brunner' (Shrub rose)

Rosa moyesii 'Geranium' (Shrub rose)

Rosa rugosa 'Alba'

Rosa rugosa 'Mrs A Walker' (Shrub rose)

Rosa rugosa 'Sarah Van Fleet' (Shrub rose)

Rosa rugosa 'Typica' (Shrub rose)

Rosa xanthina 'Canary Bird' (Shrub rose (S)) - An early flowering, with yellow blooms.

Seeds to sow now:

Indoor or in a heated greenhouse


Ornamental pepper


Alpine wallflower


Basil, Sweet basil, Common basil

Beet, Beetroot, Chard

Beetroot, Garden beet


Canterbury bell, Cup and saucer


Common wallflower


Double daisy


Kohl rabi






Spring onion

Sweet William