An introduction to garden design

If you are the new owner of a house or dissatisfied with your current garden, then now is the time to look at the design or form of your garden. Whilst the steps in this section are targeted to the gardener that wants to start from scratch, they should also prove useful to those people that want to change some aspects of their garden. This may be because children have grown up, you now have more time to appreciate your garden or you just fancy a change.

The Style

Think of your garden as another room to your house. Your garden should reflect the style and personality of your home and the area around it. A Victorian cottage garden would look strange with a modern townhouse, whilst steel and Perspex sculptures would look out of place in a cottage garden. If your garden is near woodland, include woodland plants* to create an extension of the wood in your garden. If you live in a Victorian or Georgian terraced house think about using 'traditional' materials i.e. chimney pots as planters and cobbles for paths or patios.


  • * Don't dig up plants found in the woods or on road verges - they are protected under the Countryside Act. They will also, probably be too boisterous in the fertile garden, better to choose cultivated varieties.

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