Additional garden design notes and ideas

It's unlikely that you will get the design perfect to start with, don't be afraid to move plants if they flower in the wrong colour, or that they are a bit boisterous for the small area that you've put them in.

Large borders can be expensive to fill with plants and will take a long time to weed.

Placing garden furniture, ponds and borders in the middle of a lawn will slow down lawn mowing.

Horizontal lines will make your garden look wider, whilst vertical lines will make it look longer.

When digging planting holes loosen the soil with a small fork and then dig out the soil with a spade.

To create a Moroccan style garden use large leaved plants, vivid coloured flowers as well as palms and cacti (these are likely to be tender so will need to be put under cover in the winter). Fixing brightly coloured tiles to walls or paving will add to the effect.

Garden design never really ends, but once your plants are established, you'll find some that are in the wrong position, too tall or small, are struggling because the area is too dry or shady or they are being smothered by a nearby plant. Don't be afraid to move them (typically in the autumn) to a new position or give them a bit more care and attention, to bring them back to life.

If you have a empty space in your border where a plant hasn't done too well and has died. If it's not the right season to plant a replacement, you could drop in a container of dahlias, gladioli, lilies or even roses.

Standard roses and arum lilies add to a formal garden.

Try to use different shades of green foliage.

Create a hot garden area full of bright reds, yellows and oranges.

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