Plants by botanic name

Below is a list of plant names beginning with the letter 'K', listed by scientific/botanical (Latin) name. Click a letter of the alphabet to see a list of plants with botanic / latin names beginning with that letter. Alternatively click here to see the plants listed alphabetically by common name.


Table: Botanic names and their common name equivalent.
Botanic name Common name(s)
Kerria japonica Jew's Mantle, Japanese rose, Japanese kerria
Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora' Double kerria
Knautia Field scabious
Kniphofia Red Hot Poker, Torch lily
Kniphofia 'Bees' Lemon' Red hot poker
Kniphofia 'Bees' Sunset' Red hot poker
Kniphofia 'Samuel's Sensation' Red-hot poker, Torch lily
Kniphofia 'Tawny King' Red Hot Poker
Kniphofia caulescens Caulescent red-hot poker
Kniphofia praecox Greater red-hot poker
Kniphofia rooperi Red-hot poker
Kniphofia triangularis Dwarf red-hot poker
Kniphofia uvaria Red-hot poker
Kniphofia uvaria 'Nobilis' Red-hot poker
Kniphofia uvaria 'Royal Castle Hybrids' Red-hot poker, Torch Lily
Kobresia Sedge
Kobresia simpliciuscula False sedge, Simple bog sedge
Koeleria Hari grass
Koeleria macrantha Crested hair grass
Koeleria vallesiana Somerset hair grass
Koelreuteria paniculata Golden rain tree
Kroenleinia grusonii Golden barrel cactus

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