Very pretty, low growing, hardy perennials and annuals. Small pillows of multiple tiny flowers, continuing to flower throughout the summer. Sweetly scented. For prolonged flowering snip off the seedpods after each bloom.

Suggested sowing time:

(Key: sow indoors,   sow outside,   sow outside under cover.)


The dwarf spreading habit of these plants make them particularly good for edging, rockeries, hanging baskets, between paving and dry stone walls. For an effective display interplant with Lobelia 'Crystal Palace'.


Alyssum maritimum 'Carpet of Snow' - Ideal plants for borders, edging and rockeries.
Alyssum saxatile var. compactum 'Gold Dust' - An attractive grey-leaved perennial which bears trailing flower spikes of rich golden yellow.
Alyssum maritimum 'Golf Mix' - Attracts butterflies
Alyssum maritimum 'Little Dorrit' - Probably the most commonly grown alyssum.
Alyssum maritimum 'Minimum'
Alyssum maritimum 'Oriental Night'
Alyssum maritimum 'Rosie O'Day'
Alyssum maritimum 'Royal Carpet'
Alyssum maritimum 'Snow Carpet' - Larger flowered variety
Alyssum maritimum 'Snow Crystals' - Larger flowered variety
Alyssum maritimum 'Snow Drift'
Alyssum maritimum 'Wonderland'

Seeds to plant now:

Indoor or in a heated greenhouse




Broad bean

Outside under cover