Wallflower, Perennial wallflower

Wallflowers are a favourite in the cottage garden. Young plants, available from garden centres, planted* in late September through to late November will flower in March or April. A cold spell over winter will encourage them to flower. They should continue to flower until September.

They prefer alkaline, free-draining soil in full sun but will tolerate partial shade.

They are perennials so cut them back if they get a bit leggy or untidy. Dig them up and replant deeper in the same hole to encourage new shoots to grow from the old wood.

*Plant any new plants 30cm apart.

Seeds to plant now:

Indoor or in a heated greenhouse

Antwerp hollyhock, Fig-leaved hollyhock, Hollyhock

Bristly hollyhock

Common hollyhock




Broad bean

Outside under cover


What else to plant:


Apple & pear trees (bare rooted)

Roses (bare rooted)